Last week we introduced Functional Juggling for the first time within the Inclusive Circus Laboratory, which was held in the space of Riga Circus School, and gathered participants with mobility restrictions and their relatives around the juggling boards. Time full of joy, happiness, laughter together and wonderful findings, discussions and action. Through the ice-braking games, group and individual tasks, lectures, object manipulation demonstration and practice with juggling board the wonderful group arrived to the skills necessary, creative proposals and conjoint “juggling dance” to remember and perform.

We are extremely happy for each participant who has joined this week-long journey and thankful for making it together sharing own energy and presence. We are looking meeting more often in the future!


July 26th to 31st a Functional Juggling Teaching Course has been held in the space of Riga Circus School. Seven participants representing different spheres – circus arts, arts therapy, occupational therapy, social activity – dived into the adventure of acquiring the knowledge of Functional Juggling lead by the author Craig Quat. A week full of experiments, exchange, discussions, inspiration and playing! As a result all the participants received the certificate approving the accomplishment of the course, becoming a part of International community of teachers of Functional Juggling and being ready to use this tool in their everyday practice.

Functional Juggling is a discipline created by a renowned theorist and practitioner of inclusive social circus pedagogy Craig Quat, which formulates an equation of the sensory experience of juggling based on the relationships it allows to form with space and time.

Craig’s ideas make up the foundational philosophies of Functional Juggling and have inspired a new generation of educators all around the world to dream bigger and imagine more, than ever before. He’s a founder of Quat Props, which represents a collective movement of diverse artists and educators from around the world; focused on expanding the accessibility of circus arts education for everyone! Read more about Craig and learn about the method at the webpage https://www.quatprops.net/.

The teaching course is held within the project “Inclusive Circus Laboratory for People with Mobility Restrictions” supported by State Culture Capital Foundation and “KultūrELPA” programm and will be running until the end of 2021. Within the project inclusive circus activities will be proposed to people with mobility restrictions in the form of multiple laboratories around Latvia. The aim is to introduce inclusive circus activities to wider range of participants, rise the interest in circus arts, trigger the collaborative potential which hold circus arts and physical rehabilitation spheres.