NEXT DOOR CIRCUS presents artists and workshops in Positivus festival

NEXT DOOR CIRCUS is going to present daily performaces on Arts and acoustic stage as well as circus workshops during three days in Positivus festival from 17th to 19th of July!

Contemporary circus, or Cirque Nouveau is a genre of performing art developed in the later 20th century in in which a story or a theme is conveyed through traditional circus skills. Born in France, it is still very new thing in The Baltic States. For the first time Next Door Circus – platform for contemporary circus in Baltic states – brings together the first proffesional contemporary circus artists from Baltics on the same stage. Not all of them acould be here, but we are very happy for those who are. Besides the daily performances artists will propose a great number of workshops: juggling, poi, aereal acrobatics, hoola hoop, theater anc cyr wheel. On Friday and Satuday night a special guests Finland and France are going to enrich the program.

In the program:

Voodooflame (LV) – Voodooflame is a highly skilled, passionate hula hoop dancer, currently residing in both – Switzerland, Austria and Latvia.

She discovered the hula hoop art at 2010. After a year of an intense training she started to travel all over the world, performing in more than 10 countries, teaching and sharing, doing hula hoop performances on the street, different festivals, clubs and private events.
She continues to develop her skills through regular training sessions, workshops and by attending conventions all around the Europe.

Maria Netti Nüganen (EST) – Maria Netti Nüganen has studied dance, circus, theatre and music. Her interest is to explore the potential of these arts on contemporary performative scene.

There is a distant and cold world. And there is an open and warm one. “Noland” is located between Those two worlds, Those two contrasts. You cannot see it. But you might feel it is there. Even maybe it does not exist. Maybe I made it up. But if you jump from one world to another, you can feel “Noland” quite well. “Noland” is an exploration of the invisible Rules and limits Which surround us. When one part of you is still in jetlag, in the First World. And another part of you arrive to the second one. But what happens if we ignore Them?

Aleksandras Lempertas (LT) – Aleksandras Lempertas is a performer whose practice focuses on juggling andobject manipulation.He is one part of the young contemporary circus group KUT-AUT, made up of two lithuanians who are currently based in berlin. He is presenting is a serie of short juggling pieces that ask the question-what happens when an unstoppable force meets a very short attention span.

Lizeth Wolk (EST) – Lizeth Wolk was born and raised in Estonia, Tallinn. After many years of being involved with visual arts and music she found the circus world through a youth circus in Tallinn (Folie). In 2012 life brought her to Finland to study in Koulutuskeskus Salpaus to become an aerial artist. In 2015 she finished the school specialized in aerial hoop. On the side she likes to play around with fire, doing double staff, breathing and eating fire. Still passionate about visual art, Lizeth brings her handycraft skills into circus by building puppets, making costumes, using her paintings and by finding quirky technical solutions.

Grete Gross (EST) – Grete started in year 2003 with circus at Circus Studio Folie in Tallinn. After three years of studies at Salpaus Further Education Circus department (Lahti Circus School in Finland), she is now working on several international and national group and solo projects. She concentrates mostly on aerial acrobatics, doing double-hammock as main discipline, but also researches combining different art forms, for example poetry and visual arts with circus.

And our foreign friends:

Sylvain POTIRON (FR) – Sylvain is a young, fresh, French circus artist who has been living in Estonia for the past year teaching juggling and training in contemporary circus skills. In this show (possibly featuring a banana, but certainly a lot of ‘’wahouu’’) he will use a mixture of dance, diabolo and theatre to speak about the opportunities that we meet in our lives.

Otto Tammivaara & Amandine Doat (FI/FR)

Otto and Amandine are a young circus duo. Otto is from Finland and Amandine is from France. With different artistic backgrounds they met in Lahti circus school in Finland and are working together since. They zill present a show about a travelling salesman who makes magic potions mixed with the Elixir Mixing System (cyr wheel) that he has developed. He is looking to collect enough money to build an automated system instead of the manual one. He picks a “volunteer” from the audience who he uses to demonstrate the effects of my mixtures. Fun things happen.

Next Door Circus Magazine #2 Is Out!


Sharing good practices, encouraging and inspiring new projects.

It seems that Tallin is becoming a capital for circus arts in Baltics. Three new festivals taking place, an umbrella organisation for circus has been founded—lots of things are happening! That is why this issue is largely dedicated to Estonian circus arts.

Winter is the quiet season for circus festivals, so we took some time to look back at festivals that Next Door Circus attended this year.

The Second issue of “Next Door Circus Magazine” is here. It has been one year since Next Door Circus was officially founded. Here you can read about what we have done in our first year, as well as about what we are preparing to do in future.

We want be a place where good practices and inspiring stories of our colleagues, in Baltics and abroad, are shared.

Let’s start the year with great examples of successful circus adventures!

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2014 in review

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. Next Door Circus website  was viewed about 2,000 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 33 trips to carry that many people.

Next Door Circus website has not been very active this year. Moast of you would know that while working on website upgrade we are communicating in facebook. Nevertheless, some action where taken and people from all over the world noticed it.

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